Waking Up is Reassurance that Life Continues After Yesterday is Over

Waking Up is Reassurance that Life Continues After Yesterday is Over
Z. K. Hutchins

Thursday, February 17, 2011


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Hey. I am the world's worst blogger.

But I found shoes I would really like. They're called Vibram Five Fingers Shoes Bikila? Like really thick toe socks- which creep my out- but I think they'd be great for running. So I shall invest eventually.

So my playlist is very 'eclectic'. That is a word I just taught my dear friend, Donald. My short definition was: adj- of a wide variety. I think It was a job well done.

I have Soulja Boy, Usher, Drake, My Chemical Romance, Beck, The Guess Who, All-American Rejects, Mumford and Sons, Creed and several other bands blasting as I procrastinate on my two paged paper on 20 weekly vocabulary words and a one to two paged persuasive paper on why "I'm" against school uniforms which are both due tomorrow. It just so happens I am against these but I'm required three sources in MLA format.


Funtyme should be reopening here soon so I could potentially have dos jobos. I am currently the slowest dishwasher in Portland's local Looking Grand Cafe. I'm definitely going back to funtyme though. I loved it there and I make bank.

So I'm totally thinking my friend from New York whom I've stood 10 feet from but never met should stay in Portland after War Week this year. Be praying she'll afford it!

Prom should be sweet this year... if I ask anybody to go/ learn to dance. It's at the Lansing Center. And Getchel thought my class would be the first to have it held in the HS Cafeteria.... psht!

Well, Chosen Conference this weekend! I hope to come back a changed man... don't worry... i know that that's the wrong mentality to be going in w/ lol.

Off to do my paper and read funny pickup lines.

Love all,

Monster Man, out~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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Who knows when the next time I'll post will be but I am posting now which is all that matters, yeh?

Lots and lots of changes in the past months yes.

I've found there are two types of temptation.

1) Temptation that you fall into because you want to be more like the people you're around like peers and family members so that you'll fit in.

2) Temptation that you fall into because you love and trust the people you're around and already feel the comfort of before you're handed desire.

I've made some mistakes in the past that I'm not proud of by any means. Some more recent than others. But mistakes make you learn. When you learn, you may end up with more questions. I know I have some questions.

I love Coldplay and Eminem now. Not just having frequently mild enjoyment but truly love the music now. I, in fact, still owe somebody a drawing of an album cover. I was told to think about their style and come up with an album cover as if they were about to release a new album. Challenge, accepted. Will you be pleased? I have no idea. :D

I still make little sense when I try to explain things. Sometimes I do it to be... what's Mr. Scheurer's vocab words.... Sometimes I equivocate! That's the word I'm looking for... If you're not gifted with a wide vernacular and need to look that up like I did, it means to be vague and ambiguous in expression in order to avoid things.

Today I came to a realization that, as I quote my best friend, "Emotionless contentment is an excuse for a compassionless existence." I added that in order to use this emotionless contentment, or apathy, as an excuse, it must be intentional. To be intentionally emotionless, you must be pushing the emotion away or somehow for some reason blocking it out. Then it was added, "Apathy is an excuse for disconnectedness," and vise versa.

Pandora Radio is the best! I type in all kinds of my favorite music and it just shows me more amazing music!

I need a job so fricken desperately. I have no money.... and it's all my fault. I'm not blaming anybody else haha. Funtyme has closed for the season and even though I made bank there, idk if I will go back next year... My boss let me go unofficially 10/17/10. That's a six month season. I'd say I did well.

Luckily my mother told me that once I run out of money, she would give me gas money until I get another job.

So apparently, the top 3 countries to visit my blog are: United States, France, and Germany. Thank you kind foreigners. You have pleased me and remain faithful.

I still despise just about all country.

My weight lifting class has made me very very happy. Results babay! I am now a proud owner of pectorals that can bench 230 lbs. ^w^

I have AIM now. haha. Next on my list is Farmville... o.O

Junior year has been pretty lame but I've run into some perks to make it worth while. Hopefully they'll stick around :]

I hope to blog again soon!!

Much Love,

Monster Man, out~

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Coming Soon...

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I will begin posting again ASAP. I'm sorry. I know you've missed me quite terribly.... ha.

Your's truly,

Monster Man, out~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Summer

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I promised so here it is:

I've been working at Funtyme Adventure Parks for over 2 months now and haven't saved that much $money$.

Shawn and I have been dating for 22 months 7 days.

My heart is sinking in many places *^this is not listed to follow the above^*

Summer's not all I had fantasized.

God is far from my heart but I am not giving up.

I can go to War Week :] *Courtney, what I was trying to tell you tonight on facebook until my internet cut me off*

My mother won't go to SNAP and sign off my permission to get a gym membership.

Brandon Vanderbroek died the other day, Shawn's best friend's little bro and my peer. His funeral is Friday and it's the first death to hit me in such a way.

I'm glad I get a break from youth. It sounds bad but I couldn't take it very long. Too much stress on the team.

My friends are killing me.

I want one of the fluffy critters Courtney, Kara and Donald had tonight. Or as Ghanghus called it, the "pink rabbit."

I want Bubble Tea and Chinese food SOOOOOOO so bad.

I have a cold.

My birthday is in 21 days and I am not truly phased by it. But I will get to drive past 12 :]

I should read my bible more but I don't. I do want to.

I need to blog more. That's obvious.

My phone is dying so apparently that's my b-day present. Can I at least have texting?

Why do I feel unaccomplished?

People unfortunately prove others right. They say "you only believe in a god to make yourselves feel better" and the only time people make mention of a god is when someone dies, saying "they're in a better place now" when in most cases they're really not. They're in Hell because people like me didn't show them Christ. As politically incorrect as that may seem, it's pure truth. But you either honestly believe that they have gone to Heaven or only say it because you are trying to cope not knowing the true love of Christ Jesus.

Can anybody tell me if the July law passed on texting also applies to talking on the phone? I don't wanna get pulled over for that.

I need to put my new tags on my car, but I'm afraid I'll rip it and have to pay a bunch for a new one and not be able to drive my Jeep for a few weeks cuz of it. Or get pulled over for not having changed them yet.

I don't like to blog about sad stuff but it's a must sometimes.

I love you guys :]

Moral of this: Don't blame God for accidents like death, especially when you don't believe in him. That'll just piss me off. It's being irrational. Like this blog post maybe?

Monster Man, out~

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

No Way Jose!

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Can't wait til summer.

I did get that job. It's BORING and I do not get a schedule. The schedule part is the worst. I never know if i can do anything with my day until it's almost over....

But, it's money, i guess...


I haven't gotten much sleep lately. I try to go to bed early but i never make it there until 11:30 at least.

I still need to work out tonight. I dont have time for that either. It's been about 2 weeks and I've only had a bicep workout....

Bubble Island soon. SOUNDS DELIC!!!!

Sooooo I'm prolly taking heartlands this year! never thought i would but i'm stuck between culinary arts, auto, health and criminal justice. I'm mostly thinking auto this year and my senior year, health, that is, if that's what i'm going into.

alg II is a tad better now.

me so love the rain.

Though I missed an amazing Paramore concert exactly one week ago, I will make sure I attend the one in August.

Any other sweet concerts people can think of?

I do miss my Chinese food.

Monster /// sounds very good right now. Maybe that AND Bubble Tea. Monster Tea? hmmm O.o

God is good. I need to catch up with Him.

Well, hopefully it'll be less than a month before I blog next.

Much love,

Moral of this: Don't take French, it sucks. So does Spanish... and German ;)

Monster Man, out~

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


M. Tea Monster is cordially inviting you and all of your friends to follow this Monsieur Madness.

I GOT THE INTERVIEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow night so i'm going to have to leave like RIGHT after worship to make it there by 8 o'clock but that means i'm almost guarunteed the job! :DDDDD

Man, just got the call tonight, so unexpecting. thought i'd never get it.

So i said i would be back.

Class ended and i wasn't paying attention of the time.

But, short i know. i should leave.

Much love,

Moral of this: Don't wish for something. Pray and believe you'll get it.

Monster Man, out~


M. Tea Monster is cordially inviting you and all of your friends to follow this Monsieur Madness.

So, yesterday, as I waited for a casual, yet stressing, walk with my mother, I recieved a call from mon pere *my father*.

Guess what he said! :D There's this guy that works with my dad and he also works at Funtyme West/Adventureland. He was talking to the owner and I guess I'm on the interview list! XDDDD

I'd say that's sweet.... idk

I'm sitting in my 5th hour Bio class... gay.
Working on a 20 slide powerpoint presentation on Achondroplasia along with a brochure.

Isn't it funny how the only time I take the write blog posts is during class? lol

I'm reading about a compulsive gambler in my English class.

ehh gotta go. peace